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Saturday, March 11, 2006

PSP Controlled Car

Looks like someone took a Honda Civic Hatchback and installed an electric motor. With some relay controllers and a wifi access point these guys can also drive the car from a PSP. Gas, brakes, steering, and control of the 21 lcd screens.

So I guess now if they go out drinking, and they're too drunk to drive home, they can just walk home and have the car follow them with the help of a PSP controller.

XBMC Remote Music Interface v0.2 for PSP

Since this site comes up at the top when searching for PSP control I thought I would add mention of a Xbox Media Center Controller for the PSP. It allows you to browse through files and network shares of your xbox media center and send commands to start playback or switch tracks. Another great example of using the PSP for controlling devices over a network.

It was written in Lua and has a pretty slick interface. The latest version also download album art. If you have XBOX media center on your xbox and the ability to run this program on your PSP, then definitely give it a try:

PSP Flash SWF Player

Check this out:

It's the start of a Macromedia Flash player for the PSP. It will play most flash movies up to Flash 7/8. It's still early beta, but it looks promising. I can't wait for the networking functionality to be added to this so it will be easy to make mini flash pages that can download additional content to your psp or play multiplayer flash games with other psp users over the wifi.

Also intresting is they have teamed up with RK, and which shows some commercial intrest in this project. It would be sweet if Sony took this and ran with it. I could definitely see it being a nice addition to Firmware 3.0, but they're Sony and they don't listen so you will probably never see an official flash player from sony any time soon.

1.5 forever!

Great work on this guys, keep it up!

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