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Friday, December 09, 2005

Location Free TV

I was just reading some information about the latest PSP firmware and noticed that it now supports LocationFree TV. I have seen this in action with a 12" panel and the interface is really nice. The stream is good quality, and considering it's wifi, there is not much delay when switching channels.

I am curious to try this on my PSP, but not quite ready to upgrade my firmware from the beloved 1.5 firmware which supports Lua.

What I am even more curious about are these LocationFree Base stations. They appear to be using standard 802.11 protocol to connect the base to the display.

I was wondering if anyone has looked at the data being sent over the LocationFree WIFI connetion to see what codecs it is using for the stream. Is it some standard H.263 / H.264 codec that could be replicated on the PC to stream video from your PC to the PSP?

It would be very cool to be able to wirelessly broadcast your own TV stations to your PSP using the software already built in to the PSP firmware.

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