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Monday, July 25, 2005

PSP Homebrew Web Browser Released... Finally

Beating Sony to it, the homebrew devs have released a web browser for the PSP. There are now several ways to browse the internet using the PSP. There are actually a few browsers out right now, but you'll have to search for them. The one that I know of is a browser for a japanese site. By default the browser goes to their website, but with some clever hex editing there should be a way to set your homepage to anything you want.

Download the PSP web browser for your PSP 1.0 or 1.5 here:

2ch Stand Alone Browser for the PSP

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lua - Game Scripting for the PSP

I've been spending some time understanding how to program in the programming language Lua. There is some soure code on PSPDev from skippy which provides a shell for people to program games for the PSP. Instead of needing to compile the entre PSP toolchain, all you need to do is edit a text file. Modify the script, drop it on to your PSP and you've got a game.

It's something like this that sony should pick up sign with their key and put on a UMD with a nice graphics library. Then they give the ability to allow people to create their own games allowing homebrew to thrive without feeding into the piracy of their commercial games.

I'm looking forward to the PC player and the next release of Lua with GU lib. I have not ran into any major bugs, but it was difficult to understand some of the syntax. It helps to learn by example, and so far there are only 2 games out for this. I will be releasing the source code for my game when it's ready.

One thing that would speed up the development process is the ability for Lua to activate the USB on the PSP so you can modify the script while still in the game, then just hook the start button to restart the script when it's finished loading.

Skippy is hard at work making this a viable tool for game developers to use. For more information visit this thread:

Monday, July 11, 2005

Lots of new PSP I/O

Recently all new ways of getting input and output from the PSP have been popping up. It is great how there will be so many options for the PSP interfacing with other devices in the world.

Some of the latest cool things happening in PSP I/O:

Control Sony devices using the SIRCS protocol
PSP to PSP IRDA file transfer programs
WiFi code that connects to web services to get weather
a pVNC client to give remote desktop access from your PSP
Using the PSP headphone jack as a serial port -link2-

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Deeper Look into BOOT.BIN

A PSP ASM Dumper program has been released which will let you look into a BOOT.BIN file for function names and to get other information on how the program operates. This, I'm sure, will be very helpful to the PSP programming gurus. I discovered some new function names I want to try.

I could not find any forum links to this, and the article on only has one comment. Anyone care to explain what is going on with the data that comes out of this program? What can I do with this assembly code besides get function names?

Here is what the output looks like:

128: 2484f5cc addiu a0,a0,-2612 (string param = "CheckExitGame" )
12c: 24a500d0 addiu a1,a1,208
130: afbf0020 sw ra,32(sp)
134: 0c07fb33 jal 0x1feccc --> sceKernelCreateThread
138: 3c080020 lui t0,0x20
13c: 00402025 or a0,zero,32
140: 04800003 bltz a0,3
144: 00002825 or a1,one,32
148: 0c07fb35 jal 0x1fecd4 --> sceKernelStartThread
14c: 00003025 or a2,zero,32
150: 8fbf0020 lw ra,32(sp)
154: 03e00008 jr zero,zero,32
158: 27bd0030 addiu sp,sp,48
15c: 00052880 sll a1,a1,34
160: 00852021 addu a0,a1,32
164: 03e00008 jr zero,zero,32
168: ac860100 sw a2,128(a0)
16c: 27bdffe0 addiu sp,sp,-32
170: 34090001 ori t1,zero,1
174: ac8900d0 sw t1,209(a0)

Friday, July 08, 2005

PSP WiFi Multi Test Code

Lately I have not wanted to post anything here because there has not been much going on. There are new emulators released every day, and the pspsdk keeps growing with new samples, which is great!... But most of what i've been reading on the other psp sites is a bunch of drama over who came first and bad people who abuse the 'scene'.

This site is not about adding to the drama, only being informative and a good source of news for the PSP. With that said, I am proud to announce the release of PSPPet's WiFi Multi Test Code 002.

It still has a few issues, but it should make it much easier to implement the PSP WiFi code in any application. This version not only allows you to type text to your PSP, but has several other tests as well. Here are the new features:

* Picker for net conguration (DHCP not supported !)
* Picker for one of four tests
* Connect timeout logic and other improvements
* More fleshed out "sockets.h"-like header (getting better, not complete)
* Sample build with the PSPSDK (version 522 or later)

New Tests:

* Test#1: mini-telnetd like app. Telnet to your PSP and it will display on the screen. Similar to the original version but now allows larger display. [TCP/IP with the PSP as the server]
* Test#2: wireless photo frame. UDP send a JPG to your PSP and it will display on the screen. [UDP/IP with the PSP as the server]
* Test#3: AiboCam/Scope viewer. Run RCodePlus or AiboLifePlus on your ERS-2x0 Sony AIBO robot dog. Shows AIBO camera image and color detection grids on the PSP. [polled TCP/IP protocol with the PSP as the client, custom video codec]
* Test#4: CLIE SpyCam Watcher. Run ClieSpyCam (URL) on your Sony CLIE PDA. Shows the camera image on the PSP. [polled TCP/IP protocol with the PSP as the client, JPG image data]


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