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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Deeper Look into BOOT.BIN

A PSP ASM Dumper program has been released which will let you look into a BOOT.BIN file for function names and to get other information on how the program operates. This, I'm sure, will be very helpful to the PSP programming gurus. I discovered some new function names I want to try.

I could not find any forum links to this, and the article on only has one comment. Anyone care to explain what is going on with the data that comes out of this program? What can I do with this assembly code besides get function names?

Here is what the output looks like:

128: 2484f5cc addiu a0,a0,-2612 (string param = "CheckExitGame" )
12c: 24a500d0 addiu a1,a1,208
130: afbf0020 sw ra,32(sp)
134: 0c07fb33 jal 0x1feccc --> sceKernelCreateThread
138: 3c080020 lui t0,0x20
13c: 00402025 or a0,zero,32
140: 04800003 bltz a0,3
144: 00002825 or a1,one,32
148: 0c07fb35 jal 0x1fecd4 --> sceKernelStartThread
14c: 00003025 or a2,zero,32
150: 8fbf0020 lw ra,32(sp)
154: 03e00008 jr zero,zero,32
158: 27bd0030 addiu sp,sp,48
15c: 00052880 sll a1,a1,34
160: 00852021 addu a0,a1,32
164: 03e00008 jr zero,zero,32
168: ac860100 sw a2,128(a0)
16c: 27bdffe0 addiu sp,sp,-32
170: 34090001 ori t1,zero,1
174: ac8900d0 sw t1,209(a0)


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