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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Forced PSP Upgrades Rant

I like to use this site as a way to vent my frustrations with Sony. I dobut anyone from Sony actually reads this but in case they do I have a few words for you.

Unless it is absolutely required for a game to utilize a newer version of firmware in order to operate as it was intended, users should not have to update their machines.

If users have to choose if they want to use their PSP for playing your games or using it for homebrew, the answer is likely going to be homebrew. Please don't deny us the ability to use both. I am more than willing to pay $$ for your games if it does not run the risk of ruining my hobby, and making my PSP less useful to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.

Let's consider the facts here. The PSP is not a cheap toy. If you factor in the hardware, memory stick and a couple of games, you're easily looking at $400-500. I have no doubt that a lot of people who actually went out and shelled out the equivalent of almost a month's rent are quite well off, and actually could buy a second PSP (one for original games and one for homebrew, which, as you so adequatly put it, is a just a hobby to most of us).

I personally can not imagine that anyone will actually do so (in spite off having the financial means) - it's just too ridiculous and defeats the purpose of having a mobile gaming platform.

Forced firmware upgrades will not increase hardware sales. It will, however, piss off those legitimate users who may break with Sony for good. Personally, I will not deal with a company that treats me like a child.

And it's not like there's no competition out there. The DS homebrew scene is making a lot of progress. Cell phones are Java-capable these days. Most people have PDAs (at least Pocket PCs run NES/SNES games just fine). Tablet PCs and Subnotebooks are getting cheaper every day (and beat the PSP hands down when it comes to functionality).

Yes, the PSP is an impressive multimedia platform but it's just that. It's a hobby. It is not essential. And it's as easily sold as it's bought.

I think it's a good idea to keep that in mind before you force your customers to use the device that they paid for in a manner that you dictate. If you don't, you just might find that people will ignore you (like the original DiVX -- remember those DVDs that you could only play three times).

Well, anyway, just a thought.

P.S.: I really dig your blog. Keep up the great work.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are watching and listening albeit slighlty quietly at the minute.


5:42 AM  
Blogger Jim Naka said...

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10:07 PM  
Blogger josheckert said...

ur so right there not exactly losing out by allowing homebrew by forcing updates they encorage piracy

11:06 AM  

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