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Saturday, June 25, 2005

PSP WiFi Functionality - PSP Web Browser

Since day 1 with my PSP, I have dreamed of the ability to use the WiFi network connectivity of my PSP to connect to other networked devices. Everything in my house is IP controlled, my lights, my TV, my DVD player... All of my media (movies & music) is shared on the network. All of my websites, email accounts, and RSS feeds are accessable through the network.

The PSP to me is basically a very slick looking LCD screen with WiFi. By gaining access to that WiFi connection, developers will be able to make the PSP do crazy things. A few of the ideas I've had were:

-Adding netcode to games to make them multiplayer
-Adding 2 player network mode to the emulators
-Video/Audio/Game Download Applications
-EBoot Auto-Updater (dangerous, i know...)
-Integration with Web Services - SNMP Management
-Control and monitoring of other electronic devices (may require additional hardware)
-PVR Remote Scheduling
-PSP Web Browser
-Email App
-RSS Reader
-Video Confrencing / Video Chat (If Sony ever releases a camera, or if we can hack our own to use the USB port)
-Skype / VOIP
-Net Stumbler - Wifi access point finder / strength tester

So as you can see, getting networking functionality from the PSP is a major accomplishment for the homebrew community, and will bring a whole slew of neat applications to PSP users.

If you are a developer, there are some threads on ps2dev where some people are talking about how to get the Wifi to activate and connect to an access point. If you can add some insight please check out:

All of the networking functions are already built into the PSP firmware as you can see here:

Hell, if Sony added some of these things themselves or gave homebrew developers access to it in the first place, these programs would already have been ported over and Sony could be making some nice $$ off the hardware accessories sales, memory stick sales, and paid downloads. I'm sure all of this is in the works, but frankly, your being too slow. The technology is there... use it!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger thing said...

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