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Saturday, April 02, 2005

PSP Compiler / Linker / Assembler

Thanks to for bringing this one to my attention. It appears as if Code Warrior has released a PSP Compiler to create PSP software. The catch is that you need to be an authorized PSP Developer with Sony (which costs about $125,000 to gte started) and have access to the PSP SDK.

View the full specs on Code Warrior's Site
C/C++ Compiler/Libraries
• ANSI-compliant C/C++ compiler
• ANSI-standard runtime libraries for C/C++
• GNU Build Tool Adapters
• Compiler generates debugging information in DWARF format


• Metrowerks PSP stand-alone assembler
• Easy to use syntax
• Compatible with the GNU assembler that is part of the PSP SDK
• PSP inline assembler supports function-level inline assembly and inline assembly within functions


• C/C++ linker
• Link object code into ELF format
• Linker displays memory map, address location, and value of each linker generated symbol
• Aggressively deadstrips unused symbols
• Date and time-stamp linker feature to embed date/time of build to the final executable
• Linker supports an additional preference panel, "ELF Disassembler" allowing you to specify what appears in the disassembly output
• BatchRunner / Postlinker — enables execution of batch files after build completion

CodeWarrior Integrated Debugger
• Metrowerks C/C++ debugger supports DECI2 and is compatible with Sony's PSP Development Kit and Emulator
• Support for enhanced types of breakpoints called Eventpoints
• Debugs CodeWarrior DWARF formats
• Source/assembly/mixed-mode views
• Ability to set breakpoints in editor before debugging
• Fill memory range with specified argument

CodeWarrior IDE

• Project files organized in Project Manager enabling easy navigation and organization of source files.
• Customizable workspace environment — ability to automatically load open projects and windows on separate invocations of the IDE
• Developers can arrange their projects as they choose using the GUI
• Fully configurable text editor interface, enabling developers to customize toolbars and key bindings
• C/C++ code completion
• Search engine provides fast navigation of code structures
• Find-and-compare operations on project folders during builds
• Integrated support for Sony's SDK
• Tree-based register views
• Metrowerks command line adapters for Sony's GNU based build tools

• Visual Studio .NET integration
• Open API for integrating third-party tools
• VSS, CVS, alienbrain, and Perforce plug-ins

I'm sure it's just a matter of time until some in the dev community get ahold of this software and starts cranking out programs for the PSP. Here's to hoping apps can be run from the memory stick!


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